2020 Rules and Regulations

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These rules will be absolute until changes have been passed by the Stock Hatch Steering Committee. It is envisaged that rule changes will only take place at the end of a racing season and will be available in good time for winter build projects.

These Rules and Regulations have been drawn up from the original Stock Hatch rules, taking into account any input from drivers and scrutineers so as to give every Stock Hatch driver within NASA an equal chance wherever they may race at and whoever they may race against.

Any Stock Hatch car not complying with these Rules and Regulations will race in its standard NASA Class. Drivers will be expected to maintain their cars in a tidy and presentable condition. Cars arriving at Scrutineering with obvious body damage will be turned away.

It is accepted that these rules may need amending or defining, however it should be noted that the principal of no modification remains absolute. Drivers are welcome to ask the Stock Hatch Steering Committee for a change or definition of the rules. Details of any such changes or definitions will be made available to all Stock Hatch drivers.

Any car attempting to defeat the spirit of the Class will be deemed illegal. If you are in any doubt at all, please ask first.. we would rather spend a few minutes on the phone that have to fail you.

"SHSC" refers to the Stock Hatch Steering Committee

New or amended rules are in bold

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