2018 Stock Hatch Steering Committee

In the first instance, please send all correspondence to the Stock Hatch Secretary, Jason Baker.

ChairmanHeath Luck07931 304733Click Here
Vice ChairmanDave Squire Click Here
SecretaryJason Baker07375 419106Click Here
Chief ScrutineerMatt Brown07432 539099Click Here
ScrutineersPhil Peek Click Here
Chris Adams Click Here
Lee Dexter07759 138759Click Here
Blair Robertson07545 197665
P.R OfficerJason Baker07375 419106Click Here
Drivers RepsAdam Poxon Click Here
Jamie Paterson Click Here
Series Co-OrdinatorJason Baker07375 419106Click Here
Ass. Series Co-OrdinatorsChris Adams Click Here
Dave Squire Click Here