What Is Stock Hatch?

What Is Autograss?
Autograss is a non-contact motorsport taking place on a quarter mile oval track between the months of March and November.
The tracks are laid out on a natural soil surface with a fresh track starting off from grass - hence the name 'Autograss'.
Due to the close nature of the racing, thrills and spills are never far away.

Our Objective
To create a very low cost introduction to Autograss Racing which requires minimal car preparation skills, yet offers high speed racing and room for some creative car building.

The Principal
All components should be standard off the shelf units. There should be no machining or speclised fabrication in any car.
The cars should be easy to build, run and police. The Class will work on the principal of honesty and trust.
Drivers will be expected to maintain cars in a tidy and presentable condition. Cars arriving at scrutineering with obvious severe body damage will be turned away.